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Cafe de Paris Cocktail

Let’s get straight to the recipe this time, so I can rant about this drink as soon as possible: 1 […]

Gaby des Lys

Okay, enough bizarre Baker cocktails of dubious merit. Here’s one that actually deserves a place in a bartender’s standard rotation: […]

Drink ratings, and a word on jigger sizes

I’m pleased to report that all drink recipes on this weblog, past and future, now include a rating of their […]

Ile de France Special

I always feel a little torn when it comes to champagne cocktails. On the one hand, champagne is so delicious […]

Kilroy’s Bracer

Charles H. Baker, Jr., does not appear to have been a particularly light drinker. When you’re as fond of your […]

Firpo’s Balloon

Moving right along, here’s another exemplar of the Baker, Jr., ouvre: The Absinthe Bomb. But more about that in a […]

Manila “Leap Frog” Cocktail

Okay! Let’s get this show on the road. I thought I’d start with a drink that is in many ways […]

Play along at home!

Those of you who want to follow along with this adventure, and who went looking for a copy of the […]

Embarking on the adventure

The world is full of cocktail books. Far too many of them, in fact. The shelves of the nation’s bookstores […]