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Still on hiatus

This whole “coming off hiatus” thing is taking way longer than I expected. I’m mixing up Baker drinks again, though, […]

Another brief hiatus

Whoops! As soon as I posted the last drink, my life took another turn for the crazy. Please stand by […]

In the news

I’m excited and flattered to report that this weblog was recently mentioned in a roundup of cocktail geeks blogging their […]

New weblog awesomeness

Wow, so many exciting changes on this weblog! Here’s a list of all the recent improvements:

Drink ratings, and a word on jigger sizes

I’m pleased to report that all drink recipes on this weblog, past and future, now include a rating of their […]

Play along at home!

Those of you who want to follow along with this adventure, and who went looking for a copy of the […]

Embarking on the adventure

The world is full of cocktail books. Far too many of them, in fact. The shelves of the nation’s bookstores […]