Mariveles Velvet (Champagne Velvet No. I)

Baker identifies this as a drink from the Manila Polo Club, which he fulsomely describes as a place that “not only produces crisp polo between service and civilian teams, but has always taken especial pride in the precision, the quality and service of its drinks.” Although Baker’s description is charming, this is really just a Black Velvet that’s been stirred so the Guinness and Champagne combine, rather than layering on top of one another.

To make a Mariveles Velvet:

  • Dry Champagne (Chandon Blanc de Noirs)
  • Guinness Stout

Fill a large goblet half with Champagne and half with Guinness. Stir gently.

I wasn’t so sure about this drink going in, but it turns out to be surprisingly good! Basically, it’s a lightened-up, more refreshing version of Guinness, not unlike a Black and Tan. The sparkling wine’s flavor doesn’t come through all that much, but that’s not a bad thing.

Mariveles Velvet: ★★★★☆ 

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